Friday, September 16, 2011

Scholarship Opportunities

Rutgers Business School is known for its top-tier Supply Chain Management program. In a recent Gartner study we were ranked as #3 in the nation. It is therefore only logical to expect our students to claim the majority of the scholarships offered by the CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals of New Jersey.

We are very proud to announce that at this month's meeting at Newark Airport's Marriott Hotel 13 of the 14 available annual scholarships were awarded to Rutgers Business School students! The event also provided a great opportunity for the students to network with industry professionals. They were able to gain insights into challenges complex supply chains face today. With an experienced panel of executives from Pfizer, Verizon and Novartis, a wealth of knowledge was shared with fellow supply chain professionals.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First HH of the Semester

Today was the first happy hour of the semester. Our wonderful social chair organized an event for the first years and second years to mingle this (Monday-Scheduled) Thursday evening. There were so many people to talk to that I had forgotten to take pictures when everyone was crammed in the outdoor sitting area of Nick's Bar. However, I was able to capture a few shots before calling it a night and ended up being dragged into some pictures too. That's definitely a first.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome Back Rutgers Business School!

As one of the moderators of the blog, along with Mandy Szeto, we’d like to welcome the Class of 2013, and all returning MBA students. This is a very exciting time, and we encourage you to seize every opportunity to make the most of the Rutgers Business School experience! I’d like to take a couple moments and talk about our blog, the mission, and goals we have set for this semester.

Mandy and I created this blog last year as a new initiative for the Department of Communications with the goal of creating online traffic for Rutgers Business School and greater awareness of the Rutgers MBA program. The blog highlights events, student experiences, and other miscellaneous topics affecting the modern day business student. We aim to spread the word across the business world about the world-class program here at Rutgers Business School.

We also encourage all students to participate in writing a short piece for the blog, no matter what their background or concentration. The more diverse the content, the better! That will be our main goal this year, to get as much interesting and diverse content as possible. We also would like to invite First Year involvement and Second Year leadership in becoming writers.

If you are interested in participating in the blog, please feel free to contact myself, Ashley Shaffer(, or Mandy Szeto (

We wish you a very successful year at Rutgers Business School!