Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Internship Series: Mike, James and Anuj

This week we have the privilege of hearing from Mike Koskulics, James Ma and Anuj Jain. Read on to hear about their internship experiences so far.

Mike studies Pharmaceutical Management and Marketing and is working in Whippany, NJ...

"This summer I’m interning at Bayer Healthcare in Whippany, NJ where I’m working on the Essure 2016 brand plan. Essure is a non-surgical, permanent birth control device that Bayer purchased for over $1 billion a couple of years ago from a company called Conceptus. 
So far, my experience at Bayer has been great. Working on the brand plan, I’ve gotten the chance to dive into every facet of pharmaceutical marketing—from advertising to sales training to pricing. While I’ve learned a lot, my favorite part of the experience has been seeing how marketing in the pharmaceutical industry actually works. Often times, the media portrays pharmaceutical companies as cold, money-hungry corporations that care more about the bottom line than the patients. My experience couldn’t be more different than this. On a daily basis, I witness far more discussions about the patient experience and physician support than profits. While getting hands-on experience in my chosen field has been amazing, the best part of my internship has been getting to be a part of an organization filled with people that truly care about helping people and doing the right thing. 
At this point in my internship, I have one month left before my presentation to the Executive Committee, a group composed of the heads of each business unit along with the CEO. I know these few weeks will continue to get more intense, as I race to learn everything I can and package it all together into what I hope will be a great presentation. Fortunately, I won’t be working non-stop the entire time. This coming weekend, my fellow Bayer interns and I are going to have a fun, work-free weekend in Atlantic City!"

James is a Finance and Pharmaceutical Management student spending his summer in Somerville, NJ...
"This summer I am lucky enough to be working in Somerville, NJ at Ethicon, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies and one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. Ethicon specializes in surgical care, and the Somerville site focuses specifically on R&D and manufacturing of wound closure and hemostasis products.
As an MBA intern in finance, one of several Leadership Development Programs at J&J, I support Ethicon’s Global Strategic Marketing department. My main project has been developing a process to evaluate and decompose the performance of our financial forecasting for new product launches, in order to gain insights for and improve future models. Because of the nature of medical device new-product development, capital investment and allocation decisions must be made years before the product reaches the market, so the accuracy of these early-stage financial models is critically important.
The program has been excellent at providing training and connecting me to others across the J&J organization, which is vast, but decentralized enough to stay nimble in a given sector. My greatest challenges have been learning the various acronyms and tracking down the right person to ask sometimes-stupid questions. As an NJ native, I am also eternally grateful for my 10-minute commute from within the suburbs, and the relative density of J&J offices in the area has made it easier to connect to MBA interns in other programs."

Anuj is concentrating in Supply Chain Management and Strategy & Leadership...

"Hello everyone, I’m Anuj Jain, specializing in Supply Chain Management, and interning at Ferrero. Yes, I make sure that Tic Tacs, Ferrero Chocolates and Nutella spreads are available when you go shopping.

I am working in the supply chain department as a Supply Chain Advisor/Analyst. It has been a great journey so far. The supply chain of Ferrero is very complex as the products have a very short shelf life. The products are imported from other countries, as we do not produce in US. The biggest challenge is that the business is customer driven, which is a nightmare for a Supply Chain. The forecasts are never accurate. So, even with a short involvement of 3 weeks, I have seen numerous challenges faced by my department. Since beginning my internship, I have been working on analytics based on historical data available to us, and preparing tools that can help the Supply Chain team to become more effective and accurate in their forecasting. Yesterday, I participated in a daylong consensus meeting with the Marketing, Forecasting and Sales teams. In this meeting all the departments decide on one final target number for the upcoming months and it was a great learning experience for me. The greatest one, by any means, so far. The agreements and disagreements between the departments, the challenges and questions posed at each other, and the agreement on a final number gave me an opportunity to understand the different perspectives of Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain. I was super tired, but I was really happy to have had such an opportunity. I was helping my manager with the intelligence based out of historical data using the tools that I had prepared. The most important lesson that I learned in this meeting is that communication is the most essential factor for an efficient Supply Chain.

I do not have any plans as such for the summer due to work commitments, as the next 3 months are super super super busy at Ferrero. 75% of our business of the year happens between September and December!

Okay, now I’ll leave everything aside and talk about the serious stuff. Yes, we can eat as many chocolates as we want. So, if you don’t recognize me in the fall when school re-opens, don’t blame me. I am the victim here."

That's all for this week! We will take a week hiatus as next week is 4th of July weekend!! But be sure to check back in 2 weeks to learn more about what the Class of 2016 is doing this summer.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Internship Series: Francesca, Ike and Jen

This week we hear from Francesca Pat-Ekeji,  Ike Okose and Jen Abalajon, who are working in 3 of my favorite cities!!

Francesca is concentrating in Supply Chain Management and is based in Austin, TX this summer...

"This summer I’m interning at Dell in Austin, Texas. I’m working with the team that handles planning and strategy for global operations aptly titled ‘Global Ops. Planning & Strategy’. The first week was a boot camp of sorts followed by 2 weeks of shadowing different members of my team to learn the data, lingo and culture. I’m in the 3rd week now and have spent most of my week interviewing different stakeholders invested in my project to make sure that I’m approaching my task from many different angles and synthesizing all that information to discover where the areas of opportunity are. The learning curve is steep because we deal with dynamic data and a lot of variables, however I’m taking it one day at a time and asking a lot of questions. Outside of my team and project, the networking has been great and that’s one of the things I really like about Dell.  Anyone is willing to sit for 30 minutes and talk to an intern and if you’re from a foreign country, there’s bound to be someone –or in my case like 25- here from your home country.

I live a 10-minute walk away from my office in round rock and the weather has been pretty nice so I’ve been walking to and from work. It’s quite sub-urban, which can mean long trips to the downtown area in search of fun and frivolity on the weekends. In terms of major summer plans, besides seeing as many musicians as I possibly can, I’d really like to drive up to San Antonio and explore for a day. I’m keeping my plans flexible though because the best plans tend to come together when you’re not fixated on them." 

Ike is a Finance student working in NYC...

"This summer, I am working in midtown Manhattan at AdvancePublications.  You may not know the company, but I’m sure you know some of their products.  Some of their products include GQ, VanityFair, Vogue, and Allure magazines, and some of you may also be familiar with  I am working as an intern in the finance group, and I will have the opportunity to work on projects in areas like Treasury, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Tax. 

I started at Advance Publications on June 8th, so I’m relatively new here, but they have me working on a couple things while I get familiar with their reporting processes and systems.  One project I’m currently working on is analyzing our competitors, or benchmarking, to not only determine how well we are doing in our respective industries, but also to help determine targets to create a budget for 2016.  Another project they currently having me work on is trying to determine how much we should plan to spend on 401K expenses by month for next year based on 2014 and 2015 data.  These projects are very interesting and engaging, and I’m really starting to learn a lot here in such a short time. 

Though I’m just starting out here, I can tell I will learn a lot from this internship, and I’m excited to get to work on some of the tasks they will have me doing.  The short commute from my apartment in Hoboken is also very nice!"

Jen specializes in Marketing and is working in Princeton, NJ...

"This summer I’m doing the 10-week MBA marketing internship program at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Princeton, NJ.  Currently, BMS has a robust pipeline in the area of immuno-oncology, which uses drugs that work with your body’s own immune system to help fight cancer.  Not only is BMS a leader in this space, but these new advances in immunotherapy are truly revolutionizing the way cancer is treated, which is one reason why BMS is a very exciting place to be.  Another reason is a recent company-wide initiative to put the patient at the center of everything they do.  If you’ve ever taken Branning’s US Healthcare class, you would truly appreciate this.  Especially for patients fighting cancer, you can imagine how much of an impact a comprehensive patient support program could have, given the severity of condition, complexity of treatment and the emotionally tolling nature of the experience.  BMS wants to be there for the patient every step of the way and that’s why I’m spending my summer working with the digital marketing team to develop a patient CRM* platform for the immuno-oncology franchise.  

BMS functions as a matrix organization, so one of the biggest challenges of this project is gaining alignment on the concept of the program with seemingly disparate groups who have varying interests when you don’t have any formal power.  One employee likened it to herding cats.  Not to mention project managing several internal groups and external vendors to actually execute the program.  I’m seriously learning a ton and so far, I have fallen in love with marketing because there are just so many roles you can have, from digital to analytics to product management.  Marketing is certainly for big-picture people who can juggle many things (including personalities)!"

*CRM stands for customer relationship management and refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage, record and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the marketing lifecycle in order to drive sales growth by deepening and enriching relationships with their customer bases. (Definition taken from TechTarget)

Thanks for reading and see you same time next week! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Internship Series: Anusha, Brandon and Amy

Each week this summer we will check in with a couple RBS students to learn more about their summer internships. For the inaugural post, we will hear from RAMS Co-Presidents Anusha Aneel and Brandon Harris, and RAMS Tech Chair Amy Lum. 

Brandon writes from West Orange, NJ....

"This summer I am working about 10 minutes from Rutgers Business School in West Orange, NJ at Groupe SEB USA, a large French consortium that manufactures and sells assorted housewares items.  My summer internship is a continuation of a Co-op program that I started in January of this year.   I am officially working as a Commercial Marketing Intern, but my responsibilities span both retail and commercial marketing.  

Interning at Groupe SEB gives me the chance to work with great brands in the housewares industry such as T-Fal cookware and small appliances, Rowenta haircare, Krups coffee makers and accessories, and All-Clad premium cookware, amongst others.  Specifically, working on the T-Fal Cookware team has given me the opportunity to oversee various projects including ones focused on new product development, development of go-to-market strategies, channel management, data analytics, and retail sales strategies.  As part of my responsibilities, I interface with many cross-functional employees, including finance, logistics, sales, innovation teams, and manufacturing teams in order to successfully achieve my project’s deliverables.  By working closely with my manager and by having access to senior level management, my learning process has been accelerated and I feel like I am developing as a marketer every day I spend at Groupe SEB.  

Overall, working at Groupe SEB during the Spring semester and continuing that work into the Summer has been a great experience.  Over the next few months, I look forward to contributing even more as a Commercial Marketing Intern and further developing my skills as a marketer."

Anusha is spending her summer in Columbus, OH...

"This summer I am living and working in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Insurance Company. I am a Management Associate intern with the Marketing Leadership Rotation Program. I am simultaneously working on four different projects for the VP of Customer Insights & Analytics, which sounds like FOUR much, but the team I work for has been extremely helpful. Two of my projects are on brand transformation, another one is digital in nature, and the last one is on tableau. So far I have been interacting cross-functionally with several different teams and am hoping to get a pretty well-rounded experience from all these projects. Currently at the end of my third week now and loving it so far!

Nationwide has been kind enough to put me up in an apartment that is a 5 min walk from their headquarters so my commute every morning is painless! It has been great to connect with some old friends from when I used to live here and make new friends in the internship program. I am very excited to be here and hoping you are all having a fantastic summer too!"

Amy checks in from Chicago, IL...

"This summer I am living and working about 40 minutes north of Chicago at AbbVie. My official title is Commercial Analytics & Operations Intern and I'm working for the Marketing Analytics and Business Insights team. For my main project this summer, I am working on the brand Humira and analyzing raw, qualitative research data in order to gain a deep understanding of the patient experience for a specific Rheumatoid Arthritis patient segment. I'm hoping to develop some key strategic insights about this patient segment in order to provide input for future business planning. I'm very happy about my assignment as it allows me to utilize my social sciences background as well as apply concepts I've learned in business school this past year. I'm just finishing up my 2nd week and I really enjoy working with my manager and team. This is my first time working in corporate America and the pharmaceutical industry so I feel like I've learned SO MUCH in just these first couple weeks. 

I'm staying in a hotel about a 5 min drive from the AbbVie campus. It's not the most exciting area so I plan on spending most of my weekends in Chicago. I'm looking forward to catching up with some old friends in the city and trying out all the delicious food and craft beer Chicago has to offer. If anyone passes through the city this summer, let me know!"

Check back next week to hear from more members of the Class of 2016...

Monday, April 6, 2015

RBS Visits Russia - Spring Break 2015

During our Spring Break this past March, a group of Rutgers MBA students visited Russia as part of their Doing Business in Russia course. William Pollak, Full-time Class of 2015, is here to share his experience...

Students in front of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow, Russia

27 Rutgers MBA students answered the call of Doing Business in Russia, an elective class that includes academic study of the Russian socioeconomic climate, as well as a 10-day trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg.  I was one of the 5 full-time RBS students who attended, along with 22 flex students and 3 faculty members.   Professors Jeff Robinson and Alex Settles, who teach Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, and International Business at Rutgers, designed the trip’s itinerary, which included city tours, cultural attractions, and visits to businesses and startup incubators in Russia’s two most prominent cities.  We flew in to Moscow on March 12th, and returned from St. Petersburg on March 22nd, 2015. 

We spent our first days becoming acquainted with the historical and cultural sights in Moscow.  We toured the Kremlin, Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and other landmarks, ate in restaurants suitable for royalty such as Turandot and CafĂ© Pushkin, and saw a ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre.  Moscow is a magnificent city that also has a night life to rival or surpass that of any major city in the world.  A night with more than 3 hours sleep was a rare occurrence on this trip.

Of immediate note was the importance of reading and speaking Russian.  English is not widely spoken in this city, and nearly all of the signs are written in Cyrillic.  Basic commerce is possible through hand gestures and a smile, though Muscovite retailers are less motivated than their American counterparts to engage with customers, particularly foreigners. 

After a few days of sightseeing, we visited the Higher School of Economics and listened to speakers from the Russian business world articulate their experiences doing business in Russia.  We also toured Startup October, an incubator connecting financiers with startup entrepreneurs, and learned about Moscow’s growing entrepreneurial culture.   Finally, we visited an industrial park which housed Oriflame, a Swedish cosmetics firm, as well as other tenants.  The industrial park generated its own power as opposed to connecting to the local power grid, which can be a prohibitively difficult task in Russia.  I was sad that Oriflame did not offer Swedish meatballs in their cafeteria.

An overnight train brought us to St. Petersburg on the 19th.  St. Petersburg is the same latitude as Alaska, and has few sunny days throughout the year, though we were lucky enough to enjoy unseasonably warm weather.    We heard from consulate and state department officials who provided insider knowledge into how to protect our data and identity, as well as the secret, non-touristy spots to visit in St.  Petersburg.  We also spoke at length with business leaders such as the CEO of Subway in Russia, and a software developer for Oracle.  At night, we saw the Jenufa opera at the fabulous Mariinsky theatre.  I’m glad I packed my tuxedo.

Our last day in Russia did not disappoint.  We took a tour of the Hermitage, a palace converted into one of the largest museums of art in the world.  We saw original artwork by all of the masters, and took hundreds of pictures of paintings and sculptures.  No amount of time seems sufficient to soak in all of the art at the Hermitage.  For lunch, we followed the state department employee’s advice and found a secret Indian restaurant in the heart of St. Petersburg modeled after a prohibition-era speakeasy.  The entrance was located behind a secret passage in a bookstore, and inside they served cocktails made up of their own special blends of alcohol.  This was the best meal I ate in Russia, even though Beef Stroganoff was not involved. 

It is truly hard to capture in words how rewarding this trip was.  We explored two of the greatest cities in one of the largest and most misunderstood nations in the world.   We also experienced Russian academic and business culture, and learned about the similarities and differences which make Russia an intriguing but challenging place to do business.  I hope to go back again soon.

Visiting the Oriflame Distribution Center in Moscow

Enjoying the sights in St. Petersburg

Attending the Hamlet Ballet at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow

William at the World War II Museum in Moscow

William Pollak is finishing up his 2nd year in the full-time RBS MBA program. He is a fellow of the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management and former treasurer of the Student Government Association. After graduation, he will begin his career in Inventory Control Strategy with Dell in Austin, Texas. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New U.S. News & World Report Ranking

We are very excited to announce that the Rutgers Business School Full-Time MBA Program broke into the Top 50 Best Business Schools in America! U.S. News & World Report released their rankings today and Rutgers moved from #60 to #48. In addition, the Flex (Part-Time) Program also ranked #48 and the Supply Chain Management Program ranked #11. Learn more about the ranking methodology here.  Go RBS!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

2nd Annual RBS Night Out with the NJ Devils

The Prudential Center, where the New Jersey Devils play, is just a 15 minute walk or 5 minute light rail ride from 1 Washington Park. Last night, the MBA Student Government Association (SGA) secured tickets to see the NJ Devils play against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Over 30 Rutgers MBA students took over Section 1 of the arena. Despite allowing two relatively early goals, the Devils played a strong last period and came close to tying the game. The game finished in a 2 – 3 loss, but everyone still enjoyed the night. Thank you Riley Miller for organizing such a fun event!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rutgers Business School Welcomes The Management Consulting Club

Executive Board Members of the Management Consulting Club

This semester two students from the Class of 2016 formed a new club at Rutgers Business School: The Management Consulting Club. The founding Co-Presidents, Rupa Banerjee and Pam Soffer, recently took the time to answer some questions about the new club.

What is the vision behind the Management Consulting Club? 
The Vision of MCC is to enhance the MBA experience of students by helping them understand, appreciate and solve real business problems. The MCC will bring several avenues to expose students to the world of consulting, thereby giving an opportunity to evaluate consulting against their sense of fit.

What motivated you guys to start the club? 
Firms all around the world are looking for problem solvers. We wanted to help students become better problem solvers by bringing to them several avenues to work on time bound business situations that have strong financial implications.  This would prepare students for case interviews and case competitions and would give them significant competitive advantage over other graduate students.

How has the process been starting a new club at Rutgers Business School? 
The process of starting MCC has been great. We've had a lot of support from faculty and are excited about upcoming events. 

What kind of events do you have planned for the semester? 
In February we held a Kickoff Meeting where we shared our ideas about the club with students and faculty. We also got feedback from many students and club members about what they want to get from MCC. On March 25th we are holding a joint event with the Pharmaceutical Management Club on case preparation. Gartner Consulting will visit RBS on April 9th to speak about consulting sectors and popular language. Finally, the Rutgers Deloitte Recruiter, Joe Slota, will hold a session on the “Dos and Don’ts of Case Interviews” sometime this spring.
We hope you all will be able to join us for the events this semester!

Rupa Banerjee has 6+ years of experience in business process outsourcing and capital market consulting. She was a tech recommended, campus recruit at Wipro technologies. She started her career as an IT consultant and made her way to business consulting working for two of the world’s largest securities banks, Bank Of New York Mellon and State Street Corporation, helping them create/re-orient business process models to structure problem solving for faster delivery.

Pam Soffer has 8+ years in project management, and most recently worked with two companies as an internal consultant to spearhead their PMOs to align projects with business goals, develop competitive price structures and create strategic with market needs and company resources. She currently is a consultant with the Project Management Institute to assist schools with offering PMP courses.