Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Improv Classes

         Our last two Career Management classes were different from the usual Dean Vera flipping through power points talking about our resumes, cover letters and interview questions. The Office of Career Managment (OCM) had brought in an improv group to help us develop our professional image. Last Tuesday, we divided the class into smaller groups. Our improv leader, Summer, introduced us to these activities to help us practice "give and take", to continue conversations by saying "Yes and..." and to think on our feet. As silly as these games may have been, we were able to practice the skills creatively.


Putting our heads together

Photographed by: Chris Tshanakas
          This Tuesday, our second improv session was more serious. We were instructed to have an one-on-one interview scenario with our improv leader Ted. I don't know about everyone else, but before I was called, I was super nervous. But I really appreciated the positive feedback my classmates were giving me. It is comforting to know how supportive our class is of each other.

Photographed by: Chris Tshanakas
Photographed by: Chris Tshanakas
Few things that were emphasized:
- Proper eye contact
- Hand placement/usage
- Take time to think of an answer
- Bring our personality to the table


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