Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the very first, Rutgers Business School MBA Student Blog! We are so excited to be starting this project, and share with the world how great RBS MBA students are!

The content of the blog will be student experience driven. Students will be sharing thoughts, events, as well as their personal background. We encourage you to comment on the blogs to ask students questions about their experience within Rutgers Business School, and we will be certain to answer your questions! This will be a great opportunity to learn more about our program, and make certain that RBS is the right fit to continue your education in the MBA arena.

The title of our blog "Through the Park," is a bit of play on words, as Rutgers Business School address is "1 Washington Park." So students are literally taking you "Through the Park," Washington Park that is!

Myself, Ashley Shaffer and Mandy Szeto have partnered with the Department of Communication to get the word out about Rutgers Business School. I will managing the blog, as well as Mandy Szeto to ensure you receive quality blogs, and we encourage you to ask us questions about our experiences within Rutgers Business School!

Hope to hear from you all! Happy Reading!

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