Monday, November 8, 2010

A Note from the President-Elect

First of all, thanks to Ashley and Mandy for the congratulatory message. I'm excited to work with the full SGA leadership team (which we'll know after the treasurer and secretary are selected). Those of us elected thus far have already been chatting about our respective visions, etc. We'll post more information in the next few weeks.

On another note entirely, I just met with an administrator working on the upcoming visit from CEO Joseph Pieroni of Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. (USA). Pieroni holds a Rutgers MBA and leads US operations for the pharmaceutical company, which grossed about $9.7 billion in sales in 2009. I wanted to make sure that everyone had seen the description of Mr. Pieroni, and of the event. He will be talking about how healthcare reform will affect developments in biopharma, which holds greats promise for public health and which is one of the most promising growth opportunities for the industry in general. The CEO Lecture Series is relatively new to Rutgers (it started just last year) and I'm excited about what our turning out in good numbers and asking dazzling questions can do for the school's profile.

Barak Epstein

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