Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Note from the Student Government Association

On November 30, the 2011 Student Government Association (SGA) and representatives from each and every MBA student club (a full list of clubs can be found below) met to talk about how to cooperate on (a) internal networking, (b) external networking, and (c) brand enhancement at RBS.

Here were our initial conclusions/action items (with a few suggested amendments, in bold):

Internal Networking:
  • organize a monthly meeting with at least one rep from each club where we can share best practices, hold each other accountable for our respective clubs' success, and look for opportunities to work across club boundaries
  • ask club leaders if we can share their contact information internally and create a database of the information of those who wish to participate
  • explore whether to make attendance mandatory for one club rep, via a school-wide referendum
  • ask each group's secretary to update club events on a common calendar

External Networking:
  • build a common database of external contacts (alums, clubs at other schools, professional organizations, corporate contacts)
  • include external networking as an agenda item at each month's "All Clubs Meeting"

Brand Enhancement:
  • find point person for creating master list of, and detailed information regarding, competitions in which RBS could enroll annually
  • SGA members will meet with key administrators to discuss meeting of multiple stakeholders (alums, profs, EMBAs) to discuss RBS Vision

We are very pleased with the enthusiasm in the meeting and know that there is much good work to be done. We are excited to discuss these ideas with you and to work together.

--The 2011 SGA

Our MBA Clubs:
Black & Hispanic MBA Association
Corporate Finance
Entrepreneurship Club
Global Business Club
International Students Organization
Investment Banking and Capital Markets
Net Impact
Pharmaceutical Management Club
Rutgers Association of Marketing and Strategy
Sports and Recreation Club
Supply Chain Student Initiative
Team MBA
Women in Business

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