Friday, February 18, 2011

Picking MBA Classes 101: Management Consulting

Student: Martin Esser 
Favorite Class: Management Consulting 
Class: Full time 2012

Martin’s insight:
One of the classes I really looked forward to taking was Management Consulting, an industry I have been working in but never learnt about directly. The class is taught by Professor Leon Fraser, as a part of the Management & Business Strategy concentration. We go through typical tasks of consultants on all levels, from pitching, writing proposals, identifying problems, gathering and analyzing data, to professionally communicating with clients. We also talk in general about the different types of consulting, like Strategy, Marketing, IT, Operations, and how to go about starting a career in the industry. What I particularly like is that the whole class has a very “consulting-like” feel to it. We have clearly mapped out agendas and students are required to give short and precise answers. This can turn out to be very entertaining. For example, the professor has banned the phrase “it depends” as an answer to his questions, requiring students to commit to one side or the other. This creates a lot of laughs and builds the basis for a stimulating learning environment.

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