Monday, February 7, 2011

Picking MBA Classes 101: Product Innovation

Student: Anjum Malkana
Favorite Class: Product Innovation
Class: Full time 2012

Anjum's insight:
I am taking a fantastic Marketing class this semester called Product Innovation, with Professor Judy Iskovitz (also the faculty advisor for the Rutgers Association of Marketing & Strategy (RAMS)). Since the course covers new product innovation and development, it runs the risk of being very ambiguous... how exactly do you teach students to come up with new product ideas? But Professor Iskovitz is inspiring and guiding our class through a combination of structured brainstorming sessions, thought-provoking reading assignments, and guiding lectures; by the end of the semester, our groups of 3-4 Marketing MBA students will have identified a real market opportunity, generated new concept/product ideas, and developed market research and launch plans for those concepts!

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