Friday, March 11, 2011

Keep up the Good Work SGA!

Following its latest meeting on February 25th, the RBS Student Government Association hit the ground running to launch several initiatives in support of the school and its student organizations. Among the inventory of projects are:

· Website Development Workshops

· Club Funding Guidance Documents

· Networking Events

· An RBS Paper

In support of student clubs, the SGA hopes to partner with the Office of Communications to offer website development and maintenance workshops for incumbent club officers. The additional training will ensure all websites are up-to-date. Similarly, SGA Vice President, Anjum Malkana, is working with the Office of Student Services to develop guidance documents on club funding procedures. The idea is to make funding processes as transparent as possible, so student organizations can sufficiently plan for the semester. The guidelines will also facilitate smoother transitions to next generation board members.

Special props go out to SGA University Senator, Kyle Jasey, and SGA Treasurer, Darryl Wooten, for coordinating and spearheading the first “All Clubs Council”. The committee serves as a platform for club officers to share ideas and voice concerns. So far, clubs have expressed a need for a once-a-semester concentration seminar to introduce students to the variety of MBA specializations offered at RBS, as well as a need for an Alumni Chair on the boards for each student organization. Currently, the Pharmaceutical Management Club is the only organization with an official Alumni Chair position dedicated to maintaining relationships with RBS graduates.

Stay tuned for upcoming social networking events coordinated by SGA Social Chair, Brandon Saks, and SGA Part-Time Vice President, Megan Reed. Also on the horizon, is the first student-authored RBS White Paper, which will focus on the alignment of curriculum and career goals by MBA concentration.

More discussion on these initiatives at the next SGA meeting scheduled for Friday, March 25th, 2011.

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