Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gearing Up For a Summer in Austin with Dell

By Jennifer Du

This summer, four interns and two full-time hires will be headed to Dell to begin a new path in our careers. I'm lucky and proud to be one of those going. The six of us met up for lunch this week at Rutgers' local spot Martini 494, so that the 2nd years could share their experiences and answer all the questions we curious and eager 1st years had, like: "Does it really get THAT hot there?" "How's the Mexican food?"

We aim to strengthen and continue the great relationship RBS has with Dell and it's awesome to have such support from our predecessors. I've noticed it's one of the great qualities of Rutgers and of having smaller class sizes. It's always easy to reach out to 2nd years who were in our shoes last year but moreover, they are always excited to help.

Austin here we come!

The Usual Suspects (from left to right): Barak Epstein (2nd year),
Jennifer Meekel, Jonas StoeckerJennifer Du (me!), Ling Lan and Zona Chen (2nd year)

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