Sunday, April 22, 2012

International Students’ Organization Speaker Event

By Stacey Small-Post

On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, Rutgers Business School’s International Students’ Organization, in partnership with RAMS and the Global Business Club, hosted an event called Strategies for Advancing Your Career in a Global Economy. Expert guest panelists from Prudential’s International Insurance Division, Alexandra Durbak (Market Development Manager), Maneesh Chadha-(Director of Strategy and Development), and Lin Pan (Vice President and Actuary) shared their decades of collective professional experience to provide practical real-world action steps to succeed in the many facets of international business.
One 2nd year MBA, Lisa Podhayny, said that "one of the most important takeaways for me underscored the fact that we must market ourselves as people who add value to organizations in irreplaceable ways. As such, we will set ourselves apart in today's increasingly globalized business environment by providing unique perspectives through international experiences and multicultural understanding.”  These insights will certainly be useful as Lisa joins Bayer Consumer Care  as an Assistant Brand Manager upon graduation.
Ms. Durbak directed students to reinvent themselves every two years so as to remain relevant. “Consequently,” she said, “You will position yourself to be an indispensable contributor to your company.”  Building on this point, Mr. Chadha encouraged student s to remain aware and sensitive to what the market wants and values. He also cautioned students to network strategically, noting that, “Opportunities come from people who you have worked with and know what you can deliver. Reach out to those people because they are the ones who can really vouch for you.”
Ms. Pan’s personal account of how she overcame obstacles unique to international students however was arguably the piece that resonated most with the audience, over 65% of which were RBS international M.B.A Candidates. She attested to the importance of focusing on and marketing competitive advantages, while remaining authentic: “Research and then make a convincing case for yourself to show that you have what it takes,” she advised, “You have a Rutgers M.B.A so employers know you have the credentials; but, in the interview process, they want to get to know you as a person.”
All in all, this was another great event at RBS and it could not have been such a success without the cooperation of all the clubs involved. RBS MBA student organizations remain committed to offering events, such as this, to serve the needs of its students and to ensure that they remain among the top-tier of M.B.A Candidates in the United States and indeed the world today.


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