Tuesday, September 10, 2013

13 Reasons to Love the First Weeks of Fall at RBS

#13 Free food, free food, free food everywhere
With the multitude of Student club kick-offs and events, there is no need to pack a lunch for school as there will be plenty of food to go around.  Can't keep up with all the commotion?  Check out the MBA Student Organizations & the Calendar of Events for all student orgs. 

#12 You will find yourself (and many new friends) at Martini's across the street.

#11 We will inevitably find the first-year/second-year doppelgängers.

Or one of these situations...

#10 Career switchers are reminded that they made the right choice to earn their MBA.

#9 Summer internship student panels commence.

#8 Alumni return to convince you why their company is the best (because they hired the best!).

 #7 The International Student Organization will find a reason to serve this at lunchtime. 

#6 The RBS men are suited up on a daily basis for Corporate Presentations, Lunch & Learns, and other recruiting events.  Or they have an appointment with Dean.  

#5 With the new incoming talent of our FT class comes new opportunities to learn from each other.

#4 Site Visits are in the works!

#3 Bake Sales! Enough said. 

#2 There will be many upcoming holidays to celebrate together!

And the #1 reason to love the first weeks of fall at RBS......

SOIREE is a mere 200 days away!

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