Friday, September 13, 2013

My Favorite Orientation Memory: Jim Smith


Full-time MBA Candidate, Class of 2015           

Member of: Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) 
and Rutgers Association of Marketing and Strategy (RAMS)

First day at school and I had the notion that I would be sitting in lectures and yawning.  But my first class at orientation was taught by JIM SMITH.

WOW what a personality…Indeed WOW….I still remember the way he started the lecture.  His first sentence was, “What were you doing last year on June 16th?”
How unusual right?

And from the way he started I knew he is different.

The energy he brought to the class was just amazing.  He was so full of life and so much zest that I could not help but feel inspired.  

It is more than his energy that makes Jim Smith so memorable. He called me on stage to speak up on some topic, and he promised to give me one of his books…but then he actually ran out of copies and told me to see him after class.  I figured it was easy for him to forget his promise to me.  And frankly I forgot too.

But after two days he emailed me asking for my address.  He didn’t even know my name, but he went out of his way to find out who I was and what my email was.

This is the energy and action of a leader.  His outrageous spirit to speak against the traditional views, in favor of individuality, has motivated many. 
Hats off to this enthusiast!!!


  1. Hi Mayuri,

    You captured the sentiment perfectly. He was Jim-tastic and his presentation was the perfect way to kick off Business School.

  2. Perfectly described by you Mayuri. You speak for the MBA class of 2015.. :-) !

  3. Exactly...His Spirit and 'Never say die' a big take away for all of us!!!!

  4. Nice start for a blog and I approve of it as a Writer. All the Best Dear! You surprised me with the energy in the article. I wish I could also meet Jim one day.

    The flow and the drive are good. Could have been more descriptive and sequential about how Jim's approach had impressed you. For example, you could have quoted some of the points from his speech. Also, you could have taken the same pains which he took to find how exactly he gathered details about you. That would have clearly depicted to the readers that how far he went during his offline hours in order to keep his promise.

    These are just feedback points for improvement but as a starter, you are quite startling! Keep it up.

    Warm Regards,
    Stellar Ram.