Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Student Organization: RBS Pride

We are so proud of Jett McGurk, an RBS flex-time (turned full-time) student who played an instrumental role in launching RBS Pride, the new LGBTQ student organization aimed at raising sensitivity of LGBTQ people among future managers and leaders at RBS. Check out the article below on the accomplishment. 

RBS Pride brings new support and career resource to LGBT campus community

RBS Pride received provisionary status as a new student organization this month, reflecting an effort to recognize diversity and to raise the level of sensitivity toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people among future managers and leaders at Rutgers Business School.
Jett McGurk, a second-year MBA student who played a major role in forming the club, said while Rutgers University has one of the longest-standing and well-established LGBT support systems, including a new LGBTQ Diversity Resource Center at Rutgers in Newark, there was no presence at the business school.
RBS Pride President Jett McGurk and Arturo Osorio Fernandez, the club's faculty advisor
The diversity center also emphasizes support for the undergraduate student, McGurk said, which created an opportunity to start a club geared toward MBA students and their concerns, particularly when it comes to careers and work issues.
“As far as the business school is concerned, we’re all going to be hiring managers one day,” McGurk said. “It’s important for the LGBT community, as they enter the business world, to be able to talk about things like should you be out and how out should you be.”
While a club on campus will offer the LGBT community a place of belonging, McGurk also envisions it as a source of awareness-building and a place where free discussions will occur about such things as work place benefits and discrimination. McGurk is also hoping to increase the participation of Rutgers MBA students at ROMBA, which holds an annual networking conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender graduate business school students.
“I would have loved to have gone last year but I didn’t know about it,” she said, adding that students from New York University and Harvard attend regularly and enjoy audiences with recruiters from top-notch companies. “I would love to get more attendance there,” McGurk said.
Like any club, RBS Pride will remain on provisional status for two semesters while it elects officers, builds the necessary membership and successfully organizes a number of events, including one on the Livingston Campus.

RBS Pride is open to members of the LGBT community and their allies.
“The reaction has been wonderful,” McGurk said. “First year MBA students are thrilled. Everyone seems to be really excited for the club.” Eighteen students had signed up to be members when the club held its kick-off meeting Oct. 3. McGurk is serving as club president until the first board elections are held.
Arturo Osorio Fernandez, who agreed to serve as faculty advisor to RBS Pride, said such clubs makes diversity seem less of a concept and more of a reality. Osorio is also involved with Pride Newark, which recently opened its offices not far from the RBS campus on Halsey Street.
“Having the opportunity to have these clubs,” he said, “brings an awareness of the issues out to everyone.”
RBS Pride is on Facebook at Information can be obtained via email at

Many thanks to Susan Todd, Senior Publiv Relations Specialist for this article. More Rutgers Business School news here:

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