Monday, November 25, 2013


Last Thursday, the third floor of the business school at 1 Washington Park was magically transformed into the best Diwali party this side of Newark has ever seen.  Thanks to the coordination of second-year, Richa Poras and the International Student Organization, students, staff and faculty enjoyed a fabulous Indian fashion show, skits, dances, and a delicious spread of Indian food.

 My personal highlight was the "RBS Student in India" skit starring first-years Sunil Ayyagari and Shane Gustafon, with Prasannadevi Mara as "the Air India hostess," and Shailesh Pagareas as "the pani puri vendor."  Let's just say...."Dinesh Vera," Indian Director of Career Management, makes our own Dean Vera seem like a dream (which he already was for some :)).

Enjoy the photos!

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