Monday, August 1, 2016

Student Interview: Priya Jayarangan, Full-Time Student, Class of 2017

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I suppose I was a “Jersey Girl” till I went to New York University for my B.S. in Information Systems and Management & Organizational Behavior. I lived and worked in NYC for a few years and when I got tired of crowded subways, took an opportunity in Boston for a couple of years. As a healthcare consultant during a dynamic time in the industry, I got to travel all over the country and work on a variety of projects. I decided to come to Rutgers Business School to take my career to the next level and also come back home.

What do you consider your favorite class thus far?
Global Procurement and Strategic Sourcing with Professor Impellizzeri—I learned a lot in terms of knowledge and tools in his class that I use at my internship every day. He was even gracious enough to meet me for coffee over the summer to brainstorm ideas on how I could tackle my project.

What would you say is the best experience you had during year one?
Meeting some of my best friends!

What do you think are the most important learning experiences you gained during year one?
It might seem obvious but my biggest lesson this past year was realizing that different people have different work styles and standards. Most people don’t adjust theirs so if you can learn how to accommodate yourself and manage others’ differences and still foster a productive/harmonious team environment, you’ll be successful in a career in management.

What is your internship title, and where is it taking place?
Procurement Leadership Development Program (PLDP) Intern at Johnson & Johnson.

What have you gained from your internship thus far?
The “L” in PLDP is real. I have gained the opportunity (and responsibility) to independently lead a project and experience all that comes with it—creative problem solving, understanding the business, influencing stakeholders to get buy-in for proposed solutions, and following through by implementing the solutions. Experiencing both the successes and failures of being a leader helped me grow my career in a way that I had not been able to before.

What do you hope to accomplish while in your internship?
Given that Procurement is a support function, I would hope to see that I made some real and positive impact in the lives of my business partners. I worked with a team that was frustrated with the procurement process in general so I hope my efforts changed their perspective and they see procurement as invaluable.

What advice do you have for prospective or incoming students?
I will refute the advice to “take it one day at a time.” Instead, look ahead and plan ahead. Business school is more about working smart than working hard. It is incredibly time consuming and you simply will not have the time to get everything done. How successful you are at planning ahead and being strategic about how you spend your time will be key to having a productive and balanced two years. That said, take advantage of every opportunity you get! Network, get to know your professors and let them get to know you, sit in the front row, go to corporate presentations as well as happy hours with your new friends. You’ll never get to live this lifestyle again (unless you go back to business school) so live it fully!

What do you wish you knew before school began?
Business school is less academic and more experiential than I expected—but this is a good thing and a pleasant surprise! Yes, grades matter but I would argue that the connections you make and relationships you build are more important.

What made you decide to become a full-time student as opposed to part-time?
I was fully committed to getting my MBA and wanted to keep my focus on business school and not be distracted by anything else. I don’t think I would have had the time or energy to build the network, relationships, and camaraderie that I have as a part time student.

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