Saturday, March 19, 2011

Picking MBA Classes 101: Business Communications

Student: Diana Bodine
Favorite Class: Business Communications
Class: Full time 2012

Diana's Insight:
When entering the business world, there are certain skills such as memo writing, public speaking, and proper writing techniques that you are expected to know. However, these skills are not included in any course syllabus. Business Communications has allowed me to designate time and get honest, yet supportive feedback from my peers to perfect these skills. As someone who does not find public speaking easy, Business Communications was important to continuously work at improving these necessities. Taught by Susan Mach, a communication trainer, coach, and strategist, she has coached clients at AT&T, Ford, General Electric, Siemens, and IBM. As I’ve learned is standard in the business world, I’ll be brief and make my point- Business Communications is a valuable class that will benefit you in interviews, future coursework, and throughout your career.

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  1. Take it with Carter Daniel next time if you want a boot-camp style format. If you are doing something not in his style he will make sure you and everyone in the class knows it. Even though I find public speaking relatively easy, I thought it was a valuable class as well.