Sunday, March 27, 2011

SGA: Raising Awareness and Tackling Key Issues

The Graduate Student Government Association has officially embarked on its mission to raise awareness of Rutgers Business School and its programs. On the agenda are two white papers covering curriculum alignment with market needs and the strengthening of employment pipelines by concentration. This initiative, spearheaded by SGA President Barak Epstein and Full-time Newark SGA Vice President Anjum Malkana, is already in the works with key contributors identified. Completion of the first paper, tackling the business school’s Finance, Marketing and Supply Chain concentrations, is scheduled for the end of spring semester, and provided buy-in is obtained from faculty and administration, a second covering the remaining specializations will be issued in the fall.

The All Clubs Council held a second successful meeting thanks to the leadership of SGA Treasurer Darryl Wooten. Board representatives from each of the graduate student organizations were in attendance to offer updates on their various initiatives as well as voice concerns. Website maintenance was one issue raised by meeting attendees, and a task force has been designated to address the matter. The SGA is also working to address the needs of its international student body, pledging its support for proposals aiming to improve guidance for students requiring additional academic and career assistance.

More to come on these topics at the following SGA meeting scheduled for Friday, April 29th, 2011.

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