Monday, September 17, 2012

Say "Yes" to RBS

By John Huntsman

The first week of the 2012 fall semester is officially in the books. This semester is known to be quite rigorous for first year MBAs, with sleep turning into a rare commodity. Time will most certainly fly, so before we find ourselves leaving for winter break and saying "that went fast," here are a few highlight-worthy observations from the journey so far. 

Back in July some of the first year students attended "Candidates Day." This was a lunch event hosted by the MBA Admissions Department in which various staff members and second year students gave prospective students a personable glimpse into the RBS experience. Meeting future classmates helped to quell some of the initial apprehension we were experiencing, as we realized we were all in this together. Sitting next to Dean Vera at lunch gave us a first taste of being "grilled," but also the sense that the staff at Rutgers was committed to pushing us outside of our comfort zones. This was also the first time we were introduced to Dr. Lydon's engaging speaking style, in which she described Thomas Friedman's advice to his daughters about thriving in today's hyper-connected world.
Orientation followed later in the summer. The Student Services team did a great job of orchestrating the event, as well as imparting a feeling of camaraderie among students and faculty. JIMPACT whipped us up into a high-energy state that still resonates. The theme of "Level 5 Managers" that was introduced is still being stressed, and has us thinking about the philosophy of business. Our resolve was truly tested at the etiquette lunch when a group of hungry MBAs had to sit in front of their food for what seemed like an eternity, although we learned a few things that we'll take with us (napkin on the chair when you leave the table!). Orientation culminated with a cruise in which Mary Ann from Student Services showed all of us how to shred it up on the dance floor. 

And here we are now, starting to get into the rhythm of the fall semester. Top of mind is prioritizing in order to find the balance between academics, career, and fun, of course. One can feel a sense of positive energy radiating throughout the MBA community that amplifies the excitement we all had when we said "yes" to RBS. The vision of ascending the ranks both as individuals and as a graduate program has been imparted on everyone involved. It is truly exciting to be a part of the RBS community and having a chance to play a role in bringing this program's vision into fruition. 

Best of luck to the second year students with putting the bow on your MBA careers, and to first year students with diving in head first! Here we go.

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