Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“Look! Mommy’s friend is on TV!"

By Amanda Gonzalez

I’m on my feet in the second row of section 128 at High Point Solutions Stadium in Piscataway. It is the first quarter of the first home football game of the season – Rutgers vs. Howard – and the crowd is in full force. Cue the media time-out. I look up to see Rohit Sood, RBS Class of 2005 on the big screen and I immediately lift my four-month old son towards the screen and say, “Look! Mommy’s friend is on TV!”

It wasn’t the cold beer still sitting in my tummy stomach from our tailgate that spurred my excitement. In fact, I had met Rohit, along with several other outstanding alumni working in various industries, during orientation. He spoke on a panel coordinated by the Office of Career Management and later attended the alumni mixer where he was inundated with questions from eager first-years. For the record, I wasn’t one of those first-years. I elected to join the Marketing students who had Kristen Bastian cornered, feverishly firing question after question her way. Kristen, a recent alum and fast-rising product manager at Church & Dwight Co., maintained her smile and her enthusiasm for both her job and the RBS community.

Seeing Rohit’s face on the big screen next to our RBS logo was a subtle reminder of how proud I am to be apart of this community. It was yet another confirmation that I had made the right choice in deciding to attend RBS.

My name is Amanda Gonzalez. I am a first-year concentrating in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I look forward to sharing my journey over the next two years with you!

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