Monday, January 6, 2014

SPECIAL STUDENT FEATURE: Julie Godfrey and Cal Petrey, RBS '14

Julie Godfrey
VP Alumni Relations, Rutgers Women in Business

Cal Petrey
Supply Chain Management
RBS Social Chair

What makes this student feature so special?  Oh, just the fact that Julie and Cal are married.  And from the south. And super stars.  Prospective and current students alike can learn from this fabulous twosome, who are both MBA Candidates in the full-time program.  See what they had to say about their journey from Nashville to Newark...

Where were you before you came to RBS? Why are you here now?
We had been working in Knoxville, TN for a few years Cal was working for US Bank and Julie was working for LancĂ´me. Cal had completed his bachelor's in Organizational Psychology and Julie Completed her MFA in Fine Art. We felt like we had maxed out our growth. The exciting thing about being 2 Full-time MBA's in the same program is that we have to not only plan for the team but also plan for our individual contributions. We applied to a number of business schools but Rutgers offered all of the things we wanted for our future. The New York area was one of the only places where we could both have a successful career in our respective fields. 

Where do you see yourself in 15 years? Why?
One reason we get along so well is that we have similar long-term goals. Our future as we see it will be in corporate for a few years and then onto startups and long-term equity building. We want to get the experience and training in the corporate world but we are very creative and have a passion for disruptive technology. In the long-run we will be happiest as entrepreneurs.

What is your favorite thing about being an RBS student? Why?
We aren't worried. The job placement is great, the cost is great! With 2 MBAS in one house we have to think about those things. We love the location because we can really use Newark to its full potential! We can get to New York, Philly, Boston, or the shore whenever we want. The small class size is nice because it allows most of the class to have a leadership role of some type. We all work as a class team, sure, there is competition, but really, the entire class is cheering for you to get a good internship or a job.

What did you think business school was going to be like? What is it actually like? 
We were surprised about the openness of the professors to accommodate your schedule for looking for jobs. Also, the attentiveness of the RBS Staff. They actually get involved in your well-being. Student Services and the OCM office care about your challenges and your goals,

Who is your favorite professor and why?
Cal: Don Klock Procurement because he is truly an expert in his field and he brings real world experience to the Classroom
Julie: Aggregate Economics with Farrokh Langdana bar none. Coming out of a Fine Art background economics Seemed like a complete mystery but Langdana Made macro fun...yes... fun. Even though I am a marketing concentration, this is a "must take" class.

What is the best advice you can give candidates looking to apply to RBS?
Apply to the right program: Part time is for people who are happy with their current career trajectory, Full time is for career switchers and people who want the boost to the next level. They have different requirements in terms of commitments and different pay-offs. Be sure to think carefully about your choice and understand, from admissions, which one will be best for you.
Go to RBS recruiting events and open houses.
Make sure what the school focuses what you want to do career- wize in terms of industry and concentrations.
Be ready to hit the ground running if you get in. It will be a whirlwind from day 1 of orientation.
Know that you might end up a completely different place than when you began.

Classes are important, but your career is the priority.


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