Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meeting a Corporate Idealist: A Conversation with Christine Bader

Have you ever been curious about the steps you can take to promote responsible business? Yesterday, members of Rutgers Business School’s Net Impact and Women in Business clubs had the opportunity to explore this question through an eye-opening conversation with Christine Bader led by Sharon Lydon, Executive Director of MBA Programs. Christine discussed her recent book, Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil, which was inspired by her nearly decade long career in corporate responsibility at BP.


Taking from the title of her book, Christine explained her transformation as a corporate idealist. At the onset of her career at BP in 2000, a time when corporate responsibility was less ubiquitous, she was an optimistic proponent that business would change society for the better. While her zeal and belief in responsible business are still ever-present, Christine has adopted a more tempered stance, which we, as business students, can integrate in our own future careers.


Incremental advances towards universal standards for responsible business are more likely than dramatic leaps. The greatest tool to accomplish these small, yet significant victories is dialogue. Investigate all stakeholders’ needs. Consider the ways business can meet stakeholders’ needs. Find ways to motivate business to take action. And overall, start the conversation.


Link to Christine’s Website: http://christinebader.com/




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