Friday, November 14, 2014

Internship Experience with a Non-Profit Organization

When I was given a chance to compose my own words about my internship experience, the first thought which came across my mind is how I can add value to future Rutgers MBA graduates via this write-up. I was sure that writing about my experience with a non-profit association would really make them to take notice. This summer, I was lucky enough to work with American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) headquarters located in the Washington D.C metro area. This internship was the most satisfying experience I have had thus far. I got my internship through the Simplicity OCM and I am still continuing as a co-op with AAPA.

The Set-up 
The disadvantage of most non-profit associations is that they don’t have enough funds to hire all the employees they need; resulting in heavy workload for the small number of available employees. This is where eager and intelligent interns come in play. I want to also point it out there that most non-profit are willing to pay a decent amount for their interns; because they recognize the talent we bring in. Moreover, when we are given a chance to make a positive contribution to the society by working for a non-profit entity, the amount of gratification which we get when we succeed will be enormous.
Roles and Responsibilities
There are not many people who work on strengthening supply chain and business processes in non-profit organizations. This allows for more hands-on opportunities for interns. I started my role by interviewing staff about business processes, reviewing contracts and also assessing on going procurements. I had the opportunity to attend FDA hearings on Capitol Hill, present to members in board meetings, organize and present to whole staff, speak with corporate donors and collaborate on numerous vendor projects.
Relevance and Social Connections
Non-profits usually have a team of board members who are involved in everyday activities. Hence, they have better relations with the staff. I was invited to a three day long board meeting which proved to be a great way for me to expand my network and make important connections. I also got the opportunity to learn how whole year of work is put in to have a successful annual conference.
The vital characteristic of interning with a non-profit healthcare association is the rewarding feeling of truly making a difference. This helped me to contribute and experience the magic that motivates the staff.  I had the opportunity to help coordinate smooth transition of ERP and I learnt the processes of logistics arrangements which are done behind the scenes. Also, I had the chance to work directly with CEO and especially felt honored when I was asked to be a part of her meetings with outside consultants. In short, AAPA gave me my first break in healthcare industry, non-profit world and supply chain management.
The Way Forward for Freshers
Many freshers are not aware of the benefits of interning with a nonprofit association and how much they appreciate your work for them. In return, you can also expand your skill set and develop critical relations with other professionals. So if you looking for a fast learning environment during your internship, consider any one of big non-profit organizations to gain valuable experience in learning how to survive among vagueness and how to add value to the society via your work. I hope I was able to clear some of the doubts through this small write-up.
Wish you all the best!


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