Monday, March 2, 2015

Rutgers Business School Welcomes The Management Consulting Club

Executive Board Members of the Management Consulting Club

This semester two students from the Class of 2016 formed a new club at Rutgers Business School: The Management Consulting Club. The founding Co-Presidents, Rupa Banerjee and Pam Soffer, recently took the time to answer some questions about the new club.

What is the vision behind the Management Consulting Club? 
The Vision of MCC is to enhance the MBA experience of students by helping them understand, appreciate and solve real business problems. The MCC will bring several avenues to expose students to the world of consulting, thereby giving an opportunity to evaluate consulting against their sense of fit.

What motivated you guys to start the club? 
Firms all around the world are looking for problem solvers. We wanted to help students become better problem solvers by bringing to them several avenues to work on time bound business situations that have strong financial implications.  This would prepare students for case interviews and case competitions and would give them significant competitive advantage over other graduate students.

How has the process been starting a new club at Rutgers Business School? 
The process of starting MCC has been great. We've had a lot of support from faculty and are excited about upcoming events. 

What kind of events do you have planned for the semester? 
In February we held a Kickoff Meeting where we shared our ideas about the club with students and faculty. We also got feedback from many students and club members about what they want to get from MCC. On March 25th we are holding a joint event with the Pharmaceutical Management Club on case preparation. Gartner Consulting will visit RBS on April 9th to speak about consulting sectors and popular language. Finally, the Rutgers Deloitte Recruiter, Joe Slota, will hold a session on the “Dos and Don’ts of Case Interviews” sometime this spring.
We hope you all will be able to join us for the events this semester!

Rupa Banerjee has 6+ years of experience in business process outsourcing and capital market consulting. She was a tech recommended, campus recruit at Wipro technologies. She started her career as an IT consultant and made her way to business consulting working for two of the world’s largest securities banks, Bank Of New York Mellon and State Street Corporation, helping them create/re-orient business process models to structure problem solving for faster delivery.

Pam Soffer has 8+ years in project management, and most recently worked with two companies as an internal consultant to spearhead their PMOs to align projects with business goals, develop competitive price structures and create strategic with market needs and company resources. She currently is a consultant with the Project Management Institute to assist schools with offering PMP courses. 


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